Ground to Source

By Christopher G Ewing Relapse Prescriptions Researchers have long known of, tested and proven the efficacy of psychedelics to treat many pervasive and stubborn modern conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction. However the Nixon administration’s hysterical reaction to the fact that America was losing a war alongside a cultural revolution in which LSD played […]

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I was going to title this Thank God for Marijuana, which is a phrase i often say upon feeling its relieving effects, but thought it may be too hyperbolic to greet readers with. As I sit to write this, it is the tail end of a long day fraught with unforseen difficulties from all directions, […]

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Why Venom Now

by Christopher G Ewing Archaeological evidence supporting the use of 5 meo DMT dating back over 4000 years has been found in tribal burials in Peru in the form of residue of adananthera columbrina (a 5meo DMT containing plant indigenous to Central/South America) found on smoking implements (1). It has also been traditionally used […]

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She thought i called her by the  nickname  Ghosty in honor of her pale skin-oh! her alabaster thighs! She acted like she hated it but i couldn’t ever tell if she meant it or was just being coy.  I let her think that it was her complexion that inspired it,but i gave her the appellation […]

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the undefended

Prologue: invocation “We’ve come to this place, this ruined and empty church tonight, to pray to gods we don’t have, for help to live through another day in which we don’t know how to, we come here to find our way, by groping through the darkness”. I begin my sermon, a mass for the faithless, […]

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